We specialize in teaching traditional Tae Kwon Do techniques. The curriculum includes an array of blocks, punches, and kicks that will create a stronger and more flexible practitioner. A Tae Kwon Do practitioner also enjoys other benefits such as weight loss, stress reduction, and the overall vitality that is a result of consistent exercise. All these benefits are augmented by learning practical self-defense skills that will give the practitioner confidence in his or herself during any given situation.

Our curriculum also includes self-defense concepts from the Korean art known as Hap Ki Do. Through the many joint locks, takedowns, escape, and pressure point techniques, we offer a versatile system of personal protection. By incorporating Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do concepts, the practitioner can learn various ranges of self-defense during a challenging and rigorous session.

No martial arts curriculum could be complete without meditation practice. Meditation allows the practitioner to enter a calm, relaxed state prior to a class. After a rigorous workout, meditation allows the practitioner a "cool down" period before they return to the pressures of daily life. Meditation integrates and promotes a mind-body connection that affords the practitioner a clear and focused energy during daily routines.

Through breaking practice, the practitioner can focus their energies to constantly test themselves. Breaking wood or stone requires the utmost concentration and power that characterizes traditional martial arts. Breaking practice allows the student to test his or her strength and progress.

Our demo team performs various advanced techniques for special events. Our credits include Hawes Elementary School Arts Day (3 years) and The American Cancer Society Relay for Life (2 years).  We also demonstrate Tae Kwon Do techniques during promotion tests and specially arranged seminars.

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